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Play Therapy and the Court System

I have recently been receiving more referrals from family attorneys whose clients are in the middle of heated and difficult custody battles. Understandably, the kids are struggling to make sense of the new situation and are absorbing some of the anger and worry of the circumstances. Sometimes, during or after treatment, I am asked to […]

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Phases of Treatment in Play Therapy

Just like learning to play a sport or learning to read, there is a set process for mastering the fundamentals, typically broken down into smaller steps or chunks. Similarly, one of the most important elements of the play therapy process is the four phases of treatment. Kids go through a very specific progression, and it […]

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Progress in Children’s Therapy

It is interesting to consider how different children are than adults. We often forget that although they are smaller beings, they actually think, act, and process very differently. And therefore, they can’t be expected to fit into the same timeline, path, or journey as adults in therapy. As a result, I often explain to parents […]

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Play Therapy Toys

Many parents walk into my play room and are a little surprised by the explanation of the importance of the toys. I am very careful to communicate that play room toys have been specifically selected, not collected. They either fall into one of three main categories of toys, or they are therapeutically useful in another […]

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What to Tell Your Child About Going to Therapy

One of the most common questions that I receive from parents in my consultations is how to tell their child about coming to therapy for the first time. Most of the questions sound something like this: How do I describe what you do? What do I explain about why they need it? What if they don’t […]

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Play Therapy and Teens: Why It Works

I often talk to parents who hear about play therapy, but think that their ten to fifteen year olds are too mature for it. Although play therapy is traditionally offered to children up to ten years old, the foundational principles that underlie the approach are extremely effective with pre-teens and adolescents as well.  (more…)

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Children’s Therapy: Parental Involvement and Consent

As I meet with families weekly who are currently experiencing or have experienced a separation/divorce, I am made aware of the unique situations that arise out of joint and shared custody arrangements. If one parent decides to seek therapy for a child, what are the implications for the other parent? Do both have to be […]

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Confidentiality in Children’s Therapy

I often meet with parents who are surprised about the confidentiality rules regarding minors in mental health counseling. In the medical field, parents and legal guardians are granted full access to records, treatment planning, and decision making. In therapy, however, it is different for several reasons. (more…)

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